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How does the consult work?

<p>When you click the button and schedule your plan, we’ll give you a call at the time you choose. Once you book, you’ll get a link to fill out our consult form.</p> <p>We boldly claim that we tend to save clients a ton of money by correcting repayment mistakes. Here are a few examples:</p> <ul> <li>Public health dentist was on the wrong repayment plan for PSLF and made a tax filing mistake. Projected Cost: $50,000</li> <li>Private practice associate thought she needed to refinance when she had another option. Projected Cost: $90,000</li> <li>Dental practce owner incorrectly believed his payments could not be reduced because of his high income. Projected Cost: $80,000</li> </ul> <p>During the first 15 min of the call, we get to know your goals.</p> <p>Then, we’ll spend about 30 minutes discussing our analysis and ensuring you understand the pros and cons of all your available repayment options.</p> <p>In the last 15 minutes, we review action steps and ensure you understand how to achieve the recommended changes in your strategy.</p>

What is the cost?

We're not trying to sell $10,000 financial plans around here.
In fact, many fiduciary financial planners refer their clients to us because all we do is specialize in complex student loan analysis.

Physician on FIRE fans get $100 OFF our price of $595, making it a one-time fee of $495.

We include 6 months of follow-up questions via email at no additional cost. That way, you can ask questions and not feel like you're on the clock.

What's the Cost if You Don't Use Our Service?

At a minimum, it's hours spent learning and applying student loan rules that you could've used to do something else.

If you get paid at least $20 an hour or prefer to spend your precious time efficiently, the service pays for itself pretty easily in time saved. For 90% of our clients, we find a five—to six-figure mistake in how they were managing their student debt.

What Do Folks Like You Think About Us?

Curious what our client's experience is like? Check out a few of our testimonials below!

Crystal K.

January 20, 2024

“Connor was prepared, knowledgeable, and patient. He quickly uncovered areas I had not discovered in PSLF that saved me 3 years of extra payments! He also identified where 4 years of payments were not properly credited to my account and showed me how to submit a correction, also accelerating my PSLF benefits. He had done all the background work prior to our conference call allowing us to jump right in and cover everything in just 1 hour. He even stayed afterward to discuss additional ideas and questions. Like all the other reviews state, this was a $595 investment with a ridiculously high rate of return!!! Thanks, Connor.”

Brian H.

IL, United States
June 28, 2023

“I had an excellent experience working with Conor. He was easy to relate to and kept things low stress, while also managing to be fully familiar with the information I provided ahead of time and ready to get right to business as soon as our call started. Over the course of our consult, he was thorough, clear, and took the time to make sure I was understanding everything. I really appreciated how he took to the time to run numbers for various repayment options, and he was even able to make adjustments on the fly with new information I gave him. He identified an option that I did not know applied to me, and now I stand to save at least $60k off my loans and might even be able to reduce my federal tax burden!”


Brian R.

TN, United States

“I am currently finishing residency and starting fellowship training in July. I have quite a bit of student loan debt from medical school, and my wife also has significant graduate school loans. When we were trying to figure out repayment plans, we looked to Travis for his guidance and knowledge. Travis took ample time to go over all of our…”

Dalisai N.

December 1, 2023

“Purchasing a 1 hr consultation with SLP and working with Sam S is the BEST money I’ve spent – period. I cried when Sam explained I could be eligible for loan forgiveness 8 years sooner than I thought I would be – YES EIGHT YEARS SOONER! I learned I will save multiple tens of thousands of dollars by applying for the SAVE plan rather than staying on the ‘old school’ IDR plan I got on years ago. I realized home ownership is a real AF option for me, and I saved myself 15-20 hours of research and reading through federal guidance on loan repayment! And we reviewed my student loan repayment forecast for the next three calendar years based on potential changes to my income level. Thank you Sam and SLP for literally helping me change my financial life for the better for the next 3 years and beyond. The relief, empowerment and optimism I feel after just one hour with you is worth its weight in gold (and interest subsidies!!!). If you are reading this and figuring out your next steps for repayment and increasing your net worth, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SIGN UP FOR AN SLP CONSULT ALREADY!!!!!”

“The phone consult is literally the most valuable one hour conversation you will ever have.” Paul F.

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