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Georgetown Law School PSLF Abuse Shows Why Program Will End

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Georgetown law school pslf abuseWith political regime change coming to Washington, I wanted to highlight how one of America’s elite law schools severely exploits federal student loan programs for its own benefit. Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) was intended by Congress to help low income borrowers work for non profits after college. The way the law ended up being written, PSLF became the largest back door grant program to American graduate schools in history. Specifically, Georgetown Law School PSLF abuse is so bad that I believe the case highlights why the PSLF program as a whole has a 90% chance of repeal for future borrowers starting in fall 2017. If you’d like to hire my expertise for a review of your six figure student loans or have questions about my service, contact me at

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The Verdict is in: Law School Student Debt is Criminally High

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law school student debt

Any soon to be or newly minted JD can tell you that law school student debt is criminally high. However, the range of the offense is large and varies from 3rd degree misdemeanor to 1st degree murder. On one hand, there are law schools like University of Alabama, where new graduates have a little over $69,000 in student loans and salaries of $105,000 in the private sector. On the other, there are schools like Florida Coastal, where new graduates leave with over $160,000 in student loans and starting salaries of $45,000.

I’ve done student debt consultations for general counsels at hospital systems, corporate lawyers at oil companies, government lawyers, and grads still seeking a JD required position. If you wanted to learn more about how I help my average client save over $100,000 on their student loans, contact me at Your law school student debt strategy depends on what kind of job you have and how high your debt is relative to your income. Here are typical profiles I see during consults for law school student debt.

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This Dentist-Lawyer Couple Has a Half Million Dollars in Student Loan Savings Waiting on Them

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Amber and Danny have a fascinating student loan situation

Amber and Danny Masters are like any other married couple, except they have $591,158.21 in student loans. Their interest rates are sky high at an average annual rate of 6.8%. Unlike many couples in America, they are very serious about paying off this debt. They’ve rearranged their budget to prioritize making extra payments. Additionally, they even started a personal finance website,, to track their progress and to achieve their goal of being debt free. Since I’ve started a side hustle consulting for people with six figure student loan balances, I wanted to use my proprietary simulation tool to show you how this couple has more than a half million dollars in potential student loan savings waiting for them.

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