Brian and Sarah

Not only was Travis very helpful and provided clear, unbiased, advice, but I can also attest to Travis' character. He saved us money and I'm certain he will do the same for you

Brian and Sarah

( Doctor and Speech Language Pathologist )

Other Testimonials

Highly recommended! We were trying to decide if we could just wait out our loans and have forgiveness after 25 yrs, or if we should refinance, or what other options we had. Travis laid it out in a simple, easy to understand way and we now have a solid plan for our substantial student loans.


( Veterinarian )

Travis gives a great personalized look at how to pick the best repayment option. Dental school debt is immense but after just an hour there is a better plan in place to tackle it. Worth every penny.


( Dentist )

I am a 4th year medical student I have quite a bit of student loan debt from medical school only - and I am married with a son. I started looking at the repayment options and just became overwhelmed. Travis took my information and easily synthesized it into actionable information.


( Med Student )

My wife and I are both veterinarians; we were extremely impressed and highly satisfied with Travis's work. We are in a bit of a non-traditional situation, and Travis was able to work with us to provide a customized and workable solution.


( Startup Partner and Veterinarian )

Travis created a custom plan that literally saved us thousands of dollars! He was awesome to work with, and explained what we should do in a way that was easy to understand.

Danny and Amber

( Dentist and Lawyer )

I was completely overwhelmed with my student loans. Travis was able to simply the process for me and guide me to make the best decisions.


( Veterinarian )

Thanks for contacting me about your student loans. Please feel free to ask any questions you want about the consult service and how I can help.