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schedule a consultationThanks for stopping by. My name is Travis Hornsby. I save college and graduate school professionals thousands of dollars on their student loans. To accomplish this, I use proprietary software that I built myself from the excel modeling skills I learned while trading billions of dollars in bonds for the world’s largest mutual fund company.

My average client has a student debt balance of $241,479 as of November 30, 2016. I’ve saved this average client $112,989 over the life of their loans. While every consult is different, I challenge you to find out what I could do for your student loans. If you would like an expert opinion, contact me at I only charge $199-$299 for consults for what has become the first or second most important financial challenge facing American families under 40 today.

Schedule a Consultation and Receive Highly Personalized Analysis that Could Save You Thousands

First, I collect detailed info on your loan profile or through a screenshot of the loan details that you attach in a reply. With that info, I model the loans into my customized spreadsheet.

With the results of that analysis, I schedule a 30 min to 1 hour call to suggest a repayment strategy that will either save a lot of money or provide peace of mind. Please request a time, date, and time zone so I can get you scheduled. Eventually I will use an automated calendar so clients can book me on this page. Truthfully, the response for help since I started this business has been overwhelming and I’m still building the website.

The strategy I give you both will either involve private refinancing or optimizing the use of government loan repayment programs depending on which one is best for you. If private refinancing is applicable, you’ll get a $200 to $300 bonus from the lender I’ve negotiated. If government repayment optimization is best, then the consult will just cost the flat fee.

How Am I Different from All the Other Places that Advertise Student Loan Help?

Unfortunately, there are dozens of “student debt relief” or “Obama Student Loan Forgiveness” scams out there online. Most of these companies use the click bait strategy of advertising to lure you in. These scam operations charge $500 to $1,500 for a one sized fits all approach to your student loans. They use this high fee revenue to advertise heavily and defraud even more people. Please do not fall for their scam. Many of their ‘loan consultants’ are simply out of work actors or salespeople who have no capacity for modeling or even understanding the trust cost of your loans from a mathematical perspective.

Financial advisors most likely will not have a specialized understanding of student loans. Most advisors make a living on charging you an annual fee for managing your investments. That fact alone presents a conflict of interest. Financial advisors might be tempted to recommend the plan with the lowest monthly payment so you can invest with their firm instead. For that reason, I would see out the help of an independent consultant like myself.

My fee covers a personalized analysis you will not be able to get anywhere else for such a low cost. Other legitimate student loan advisors, and there are not that many good ones out there, charge upwards of $700 with a $30 monthly membership fee for their services. My rate is a one time fee of $199 individual / $299 couples. Please reach out to me at to take advantage of this service. Watch me fight for you against your five or six figure student loans today.

Travis Hornsby
Founder & Chief Student Loan Planner


Thanks for contacting me about your student loans. Please feel free to ask any questions you want about the consult service and how I can help.