schedule a consultationThanks for stopping by. My name is Travis Hornsby. I’ve saved a projected $16 million for 168 clients with $44 million in student debt since founding Student Loan Planner in late September 2016. To accomplish these projected savings over the life of a client’s loans, I use proprietary software that I built myself from the excel modeling skills I learned while trading billions of dollars in bonds for the world’s largest mutual fund company.

While every consult is different, I’m either going to provide you an exhaustive review of your repayment options and confirm you’re on a good path, or I’m going to save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. At a cost of $199 for individuals and $299 for couples, this service is extremely valuable for current and soon to be graduate professionals with six figure student debt loads. If you would like an expert opinion, send me an email at and I’ll let you know the steps for moving forward. See why close to 20% of my clients take the time to leave 5 star reviews


Travis Hornsby
Founder & Chief Student Loan Planner