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Go to Dental School and Maybe Drive a $5,000 Used Car One Day

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go to dental schoolI discovered the DentalTown forums recently, and the community there has confirmed what I’m discovering in my dental school student loan consulting business. The majority of folks who go to dental school today are setting themselves up for years of what is basically indentured servitude, not a life of “four day work weeks and driving a Porsche 911” as one user joked. My goal for this business is to help dentists make a plan to pay back their student debt for a low flat consult fee. Here are some examples of why the cost of dental education has to change if the profession is to survive in its current state.

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Dentists Get Drilled on Student Loans

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A typical dental school education costs upwards of $70,000 per year including living expenses. According to the American Dental Education Association, the average indebted dental student in 2016 graduated with $261,149 in dental student loans. Perhaps even scarier, 4 in 5 dental students are included in that indebted group. Sadly, those massive debt profiles do not even tell the full story.

Many dentists have to borrow even more after obtaining their DDS or DMD for tuition and fees during residency or other postgraduate specialty training. To top it off, compound interest growth from forbearance and deferment during this training can easily result in a $400,000-$600,000 student loan balance before newly minted dentists even earn their first “real” paycheck.  Excuse the word choice, but dental student loans are drilling the future of the profession.

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