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How Can Student Loan Planner Help You?

I'm Travis, Founder of Student Loan Planner.

We've made over 3,000 customized student loan plans for borrowers just like you.

If you have a lot of student debt, you're in good company because our average client owes about $280,000. 

That client saves a projected $59,000 over the life of their loans after getting a student loan plan from us. 

How much could you save?

How Does the Consult Work?

When you click the button and schedule your plan, we'll give you a call at the time you choose. Once you book, you'll get a link to fill out our consult form.

I made a bold claim that we tend to save clients a ton of money by correcting repayment mistakes. Here's a few examples:  

  • Therapist didn't realize her loans were structured improperly to benefit from the PSLF program. Projected Cost: $400,000
  • Teacher didn't realize that she was using the wrong loan forgiveness program and the wrong repayment plan. Projected Cost: $50,000
  • Dentist had no idea that he could be receiving tens of thousands in interest subsidies simply by getting out of deferment. Projected Cost: $12,000

During the first 15 min of the call, we get to know your goals. 

Then we'll spend about 30 min discussing our analysis and make sure you understand the pros and cons of all your available repayment options.

In the last 15 min, we review action steps and make sure you understand how to achieve the changes in your strategy that we'll recommend.

Positive you're refinancing your student loans? This consult isn't for you. This is for folks who aren't sure what the next step is.

What Do Professionals Like You Say About Our Consult?


“His phone consult is literally the most valuable one hour conversation you will ever have.” Raul Franco, Dentist


I was completely overwhelmed with my student loans. Student Loan Planner was able to simply the process for me and guide me to make the best decisions. Elaina Petrone, Veterinarian


Travis took into account my wife's finances and student loans and pointed us towards seriously amazing savings. Travis was honest, nice, and easy to follow as we went through everything. Evan Rochlis, Physician


After the 1 hour phone call, I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. I can now just focus on my career as a school psychologist and remember why I decided to pursue a Psy.D!! Jaimie Leigh, Psychologist

What's the Cost?

We're not trying to sell $10,000 financial plans around here.

In fact, many fiduciary financial planners refer their clients to us because all we do is specialize in complex student loan analysis.  

Our one time flat fee works like this:

  • If you owe less than $200,000 as a household, the rate is 395.
  • If you owe between $200,000 and $400,000 as a household, the rate is 495. 
  • If you owe more than $400,000, the rate is 595. 


What's the Cost if You Don't Use Our Service? 

At a minimum, it's hours of your time spent learning and applying student loan rules that you could've used to do something else.

If you get paid at least $20 an hour, the service pays for itself pretty easily in time saved.

For 90% of our clients, we find a five to six figure mistake in how they were managing their student debt.

I can't wait to save you money and time figuring out your student loans. The first step is to book a call with the button below for your custom student loan plan.

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