Molly Laughter, MBA, CSLP®, CFA®, CFP®

Molly Laughter, MBA, CSLP®, CFA®, CFP®


Student loans, Investments, Personal Financing Planning


Molly has a degree in advertising from Southern Methodist University and a MA/MBA from Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business.


CFA, CFP®, and CSLP®. Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®) designation in progress.

More About Molly

Molly Laughter is a CFA® Charterholder, CFP®, and Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) and a former consultant with Student Loan Planner since 2021. She's been passionate about the complexities of student loans since her experience after finishing her MBA in 2013.

Molly is the founder of Laughter Financial. She has previously served as a Financial Planning Assistant at SGS Wealth Management and as an Operations and Investment Analyst at RGT Wealth Advisors.

Molly lives in Celina, Texas, with her husband, furry dog, angry cat, and a baby on the way. She has a passion for learning and for helping others with their finances.