What We Offer

$199 – Individual Consult


  • Using proprietary software, I analyze different repayment plans to determine the cost of REPAYE, IBR, and PAYE for you and your family.
  • If private refinancing is applicable, you will qualify for an upfront $200-$300 bonus for refinancing in addition to massive interest rate savings.
  • After studying your available options, I suggest a personalized payback strategy.

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$299 – Couples Consult


  • I’ve helped girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, and partners plan their financial future together so that student loans do not have to be a source of stress in the relationship.
  • I analyze the impact of current or future marital status on monthly repayment plan selection and monthly payment amount.
  • If applicable, I analyze private refinancing options for one or both partners in the relationship and how the choice will affect the family budget. Couples can earn anywhere from $200-$600 in referral bonuses I’ve negotiated with lenders.

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Recent Blog Posts

The US Will Forgive $1 Trillion of Student Debt, Not $108 Billion

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A bombshell report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on Wednesday shattered faulty accounting from the Department of Education on the cost of the Federal Student Loan Program. The new cost estimate to taxpayers for all loans issued through 2017 is expected to be $108 billion, far higher than originally expected. In my student loan consulting business,

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A Radical Proposal to Save the Veterinary Profession from Destruction by Student Loans

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We are at an inflection point in the veterinary profession. I’m learning from anecdotal conversations with friends in vet school that prospective freshman students are starting to price shop for seats. Additionally, the average vet student is becoming more affluent, meaning that the field is becoming accessible only to those with wealthy parents who can keep their children out of

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If You’ve Been Meaning to Refinance Your Student Loans, Do it ASAP

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Since Donald Trump became President-Elect, the 10 year Treasury Bond has sold off from 1.77% to 2.34% as of last night. This is a massive move in interest rates, and it’s because the world suddenly started fearing inflation. I’m hearing that there are multi year records for cash outflows coming out of fixed income. I’m getting

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Most Financial Advisors Give Terrible Student Loan Advice

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As a student loan consultant, some of the worst mistakes I’ve seen people make with their student loans have been the fault of a dishonest or incompetent financial advisor. Just today, I had a student loan consulting client using Income Based Repayment whose financial advisor told her to invest instead of pay down her 6.3%

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Veterinary Residents Earn Six Figure Salaries Thanks to Student Loans

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  Pretend you are brand new Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Your first year out of graduation, you do a veterinary internship and make about $30,000. Then you do a veterinary residency program for 3-5 years and make $40,000 each year. Clearly this is a horrible financial decision compared to an immediate $75,000 salary in private practice right?

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Five Ways Dentists Can Protect Themselves Against Student Loans

The economics of the dental profession have never been more challenging. The average dental student graduated with $261,149 in student loans in 2016, and 30% of dental students graduated with more than $300,000 in debt. I have two student loan consultations coming up with dentists married to one another with joint loan balances over $1 million.

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What Our Clients Say

Highly recommended! We were trying to decide if we could just wait out our loans and have forgiveness after 25 yrs, or if we should refinance, or what other options we had. Travis laid it out in a simple, easy to understand way and we now have a solid plan for our substantial student loans.


( Veterinarian )

Travis gives a great personalized look at how to pick the best repayment option. Dental school debt is immense but after just an hour there is a better plan in place to tackle it. Worth every penny.


( Dentist )

I am a 4th year medical student I have quite a bit of student loan debt from medical school only - and I am married with a son. I started looking at the repayment options and just became overwhelmed. Travis took my information and easily synthesized it into actionable information.


( Med Student )

My wife and I are both veterinarians; we were extremely impressed and highly satisfied with Travis's work. We are in a bit of a non-traditional situation, and Travis was able to work with us to provide a customized and workable solution.


( Startup Partner and Veterinarian )

Not only was Travis very helpful and provided clear, unbiased, advice, but I can also attest to Travis' character. He saved us money and I'm certain he will do the same for you

Brian and Sarah

( Doctor and Speech Language Pathologist )

Travis created a custom plan that literally saved us thousands of dollars! He was awesome to work with, and explained what we should do in a way that was easy to understand.

Danny and Amber

( Dentist and Lawyer )

I was completely overwhelmed with my student loans. Travis was able to simply the process for me and guide me to make the best decisions.


( Veterinarian )