Are You Tired of Watching Student Debt Grow Without a Plan? 

  • If you’re a professional with a six figure student loan burden, we can help you come up with a plan to pay it back. We’ve served hundreds of clients with 1:1 consults. 

Student Loan Planner Clients Are On Track to Save $20 Million

  • Do you want to get the most detailed student loan analysis you’ve ever seen? Fill out the consult form and schedule an hour call to go over over all of your options.
  • Just want free stuff first? Read the dozens of student loan articles on the Student Loan Planner blog and get the ultimate free student loan calculator by clicking on the picture below

student loan calculator

What’s the Cost and What Do You Do?

  • The consult costs just $199 for individual borrowers and $299 for couples. That’s a one time fee, payable at the end of the consult. 
  • We analyze how to save on PSLF, choose the right income driven repayment plan, and help you shop for the best private refinancing rate. The choice depends on YOUR individual circumstances, not on anything else.

Want More Free Help? Get the Best Student Loan Refinancing Cash Bonuses!

  • Do you owe < 2 times your income? Do you work at a for profit employer Then check your rate with the companies below to see if you could pay less interest on your student loans.
  • I’ve negotiated the best cash bonuses for Student Loan Planner clients and readers anywhere on the internet. 

CommonBond-$500 bonus (they fund a child’s education in a developing country for each refinancing. They’ve also got some great deals for high income borrowers)

Laurel Road-$300 bonus (tough to beat for medical professionals like doctors and dentists)

Credible-$250 bonus (this is usually $200. Shops a bunch of lenders all at once)

LendKey-$500 bonus (shops a bunch of regional banks and local credit unions all at once)

Earnest – $300 bonus (offers flexible terms to let you customize the monthly payment)

Sofi-$300 bonus (Contact me if you’ve got a Sofi offer because I might be able to help you beat it)

Elfi$100 bonus (new player on the scene, possibly offers some of the lowest rates I’ve seen)

*By using these links, you’ll get a referral bonus and so will we. The only way to get these exclusive bonuses is through Student Loan Planner. DO NOT refinance if you’re planning on working for a not for profit for 10 years. DO refinance to cut the ridiculous interest rate you’re paying.


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