What We Offer

$199 – Individual Consult


  • Using proprietary software, I analyze different repayment plans to determine the cost of REPAYE, IBR, and PAYE for you and your family.
  • If private refinancing is applicable, you will qualify for an upfront $200-$300 bonus for refinancing in addition to massive interest rate savings.
  • After studying your available options, I suggest a personalized payback strategy.

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$299 – Couples Consult


  • I’ve helped girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, and partners plan their financial future together so that student loans do not have to be a source of stress in the relationship.
  • I analyze the impact of current or future marital status on monthly repayment plan selection and monthly payment amount.
  • If applicable, I analyze private refinancing options for one or both partners in the relationship and how the choice will affect the family budget. Couples can earn anywhere from $200-$600 in referral bonuses I’ve negotiated with lenders.

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Recent Blog Posts

What to Do if You’re Worried About Trump Repealing PSLF

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I’ve gotten a ton of clients asking me about the Trump administration’s plans in regards to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF). For those who don’t know, PSLF allows you to work for a not for profit employer for 10 years and receive tax free loan forgiveness. For many borrowers burdened by huge amounts of student debt, PSLF

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What I Learned About Future Student Loan Policy from the Betsy Devos Confirmation Hearing

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Like most Americans, I made sure to catch the tail end of the Betsy Devos confirmation hearing for Secretary of Education. Kidding aside, I’m more stunned with what I didn’t hear than what I did. I checked the transcript as well to make sure I hadn’t missed a substantive student loan discussion. After watching lawmakers ask their questions,

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The Two Best Strategies to Pay Back Pharmacy School Loans

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There are two main strategies to pay back pharmacy school loans. The one you use depends entirely on where you work. The first strategy is using the the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF) with Pay As You Earn (PAYE) or Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) at a not for profit hospital or community health center. The

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Specialists with Student Loans Will Pay Back Less than Generalists AND Earn More Money

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Everyone knows that specialists make a lot of money in medicine. What they don’t know is that Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) will allow most specialists with student loans to pay a fraction of what they owe for their education. I help physicians craft a student loan strategy through flat fee student loan consultations, and I can

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What Will Be the New Republican Student Loan Policy?

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Everyone wants to know now that one party control has returned to Washington, what will be the new Republican student loan policy? A lot of it depends on the views of a relatively unknown Congresswoman, Virginia Foxx of North Carolina. She is the chairwoman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

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Why Pay for Help Managing Student Loans When It’s Free

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The Secretary of Education John King recently spoke about the proliferation of student loan scam companies. He warned borrowers not to pay for help managing student loans. After all, you can contact loan servicers and get help for free right? Why then do I feel like I’m genuinely impacting my clients lives for the better with

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What Our Clients Say

Highly recommended! We were trying to decide if we could just wait out our loans and have forgiveness after 25 yrs, or if we should refinance, or what other options we had. Travis laid it out in a simple, easy to understand way and we now have a solid plan for our substantial student loans.


( Veterinarian )

Travis gives a great personalized look at how to pick the best repayment option. Dental school debt is immense but after just an hour there is a better plan in place to tackle it. Worth every penny.


( Dentist )

I am a 4th year medical student I have quite a bit of student loan debt from medical school only - and I am married with a son. I started looking at the repayment options and just became overwhelmed. Travis took my information and easily synthesized it into actionable information.


( Med Student )

My wife and I are both veterinarians; we were extremely impressed and highly satisfied with Travis's work. We are in a bit of a non-traditional situation, and Travis was able to work with us to provide a customized and workable solution.


( Startup Partner and Veterinarian )

Not only was Travis very helpful and provided clear, unbiased, advice, but I can also attest to Travis' character. He saved us money and I'm certain he will do the same for you

Brian and Sarah

( Doctor and Speech Language Pathologist )

Travis created a custom plan that literally saved us thousands of dollars! He was awesome to work with, and explained what we should do in a way that was easy to understand.

Danny and Amber

( Dentist and Lawyer )

I was completely overwhelmed with my student loans. Travis was able to simply the process for me and guide me to make the best decisions.


( Veterinarian )

Thanks for contacting me about your student loans. Please feel free to ask any questions you want about the consult service and how I can help.